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Otter from the Pyrenees mountains

Thu ,23/10/2008

La Colline aux Marmottes, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

As seen in the beautiful natural park “La colline aux marmottes” in Argelès-Gazost, south of France.

Have been here twice already, and each time it was really nice.

Near the Garonne at Toulouse

Wed ,22/10/2008

Promenade sur les quais de la Garonne, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Some old roof seen through the trees while I was wandering near the Garonne in a sunny Toulouse.

Big redhead cat

Tue ,21/10/2008

Le gros roux, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

He prefers to come and look at us instead of going back to his house.

The old owner was yelling “and now you think you are a star? you rather prefer that someone else takes picture of you instead of coming back?”

Dramatic sky over Colomiers

Mon ,20/10/2008

Dramatic sky over Colomiers, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

The sky over my house during the week-end.

It was a bit dramatic, and we never had nor sun nor wind or rain during the day.

Dinner in Toulouse

Sun ,19/10/2008

Dinner in Toulouse, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

This picture was taken at Zen Asia, one of my favorite restaurant in Toulouse.

Is is a vietnamese one. Do not expect here to have a cheap dinner, but instead something really good. And waitresses are really beautiful !

Welcome to !

Sun ,19/10/2008

In fact it is more or less reloaded !

First version of this blog was targetted about a French point of view regarding our world but I never really involved myself in publishing stuff after the first draft.

Now I have bought a Canon EOS 450D and I am learning how to use it.

My goal is to select my favorite photos from my Flickr and post them here. Maybe somebody will find them interesting, who knows 🙂