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Trees have flowers too

CaminAdour, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Little white flowers hanging from a tree near the Adour river, France.

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  1. Lenka. Says:

    Please could you tell what is name of this tree with white flowers?
    Thank you.

  2. Sebastien Says:

    I have absolutely no idea sorry 🙂

  3. Peter Says:

    the leaves resemble the popinac tree …I found three close together in toronto ontario…I noticed a light scent of jasmine when i stood beside then.

  4. enviro_trainee Says:

    Hey, i’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for this photo of this type of tree, sadly i dont know the name of it and would love it. THey are commonly found around river edges that act for riparian buffers and while at bloom, they have the most beautiful smell in the world. I love it ^^ thank you for this photo

  5. enviro_trainee Says:

    heey 🙂 I’m back again with better news
    I had an expert find it for me and surely enough, it is a native to the US called the Robinia Pseudoacacia or more known as Black Locusts. They have a very beautiful smell when blooming from May to June. But sadly, it is like weed, dangerously fast in speed of spreading and growing. Thanks again ^^

  6. Sebastien Says:

    So it is a native to the US tree along a river in the south of France 🙂

    And I can confirm that the smell is really nice 🙂

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