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Little blue frog

Parc de Skansen à Stockholm, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Lovely little blue frog.

I do not know if it is toxic, but it is really small and cute.

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  1. Alex Says:

    Wow that is a beautiful creature. You saw this in France? Of all the times I have been there I have never seen such a frog.

  2. Sebastien Says:

    No, this little one was spotted on an animal park in Stockholm.

    Where do you come from by the way ?

  3. Alex Says:

    My family is from Albi and Clermont-Ferrand but i was born in Manhattan along with my brother. However we both try to take trips to France every year for 2 months and see our family to keep in touch. I currently live right outside of Manhattan. (about 15 minute drive with no traffic) I love your blog by the way and I was just talking about this picture today with a friend. It came up in a conversation about a TV show and this frog does happen to be toxic. In fact all frogs that are colorful are toxic although very beautiful. I have just subscribed to your blog so keep the pictures coming!

  4. Sebastien Says:

    That’s really cool 🙂

    Thank you for all the great comments, and keep comming as a new picture is added every day !

  5. Alex Says:

    Those are some pictures that my step father took at my mothers home in New York State. Thought u might like em.

  6. Sebastien Says:

    They are nice and I especially like this one

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