A daily photo diary from France.

Happy birthday !

This blog has (almost) one year. A very long way has been travelled since the first pictures, both technically and regarding the quality.

During this time frame the stats are :

  • 292 photos added ;
  • 9 categories ;
  • 347 tags used ;

I am quite close of the “one photo per day” target, and this is cool.

After the break are the visitors statistics.

Now the numbers speak for themselves :

SoFrench first birthday statistics

SoFrench first birthday statistics

Click the image for more details.

After five flat months, visitors started to come on March last year. Since then, we are on a good progression each month, with 1540 posts seen in September (unique visitors), and already 900 in the middle of October, without any advertising anywhere, both on the site, and for the website on other sites…

This is so cool, thank you everybody !

I will try to keep the pace and I am planning to buy new lenses and a new DSLR (looking at the 7D right now) to increase the quality.

This blog is a pleasure to me, and the only goal is to share moments, scenery, atmospheres… and I hope you like it !

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