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Back in business for 2013!

Wed ,02/01/2013

Hello back !

After a 1 year hiatus much needed after 3 and a half years of continuous updates, the blog is back:

  • New WordPress version;
  • Caching enabled to have speed improvements;
  • Crashing DB issue should be fixed as I moved to a new host;
  • and more importantly content ready for the coming months!

Happy new year to everybody !

New theme for !

Fri ,20/11/2009

Well a month after the blog first birthday, I decided to change the theme.

The previous one was very nice, but I am tired of seeing it both on my blog and on many many many others because it was hugely popular.

The new one stays black, but is way more classy and beautiful.

What do you think ?


Happy birthday !

Sun ,18/10/2009

This blog has (almost) one year. A very long way has been travelled since the first pictures, both technically and regarding the quality.

During this time frame the stats are :

  • 292 photos added ;
  • 9 categories ;
  • 347 tags used ;

I am quite close of the “one photo per day” target, and this is cool.

After the break are the visitors statistics.


Sorry but…

Wed ,29/04/2009

Two consecutives very very rainy weeks in France…

Nothing to shoot and consequently nothing to post 🙁

Next week-end should fix this (the weather and the photos) hopefully !

New year, new theme, new WordPress

Sat ,03/01/2009

Well, happy new year everybody !

To end definitely the old remains of the previous opinion blog, the green/blue theme has been changed. It was not good for presenting photos anyway.

WordPress has also been updated to the latest and great 2.7 version. I strongly recommend WordPress, it is so great.

And concerning photos, nothing new to show for the last 3-4 days as I did not shoot anything worthy. But it will change soon 🙂

Welcome to !

Sun ,19/10/2008

In fact it is more or less reloaded !

First version of this blog was targetted about a French point of view regarding our world but I never really involved myself in publishing stuff after the first draft.

Now I have bought a Canon EOS 450D and I am learning how to use it.

My goal is to select my favorite photos from my Flickr and post them here. Maybe somebody will find them interesting, who knows 🙂