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Viking Line ferry in Helsinki

Thu ,24/04/2014

Visite d'Helsinki en Finlande


Massive boats during daily rotations between Helsinki and Stockholm.

On the road between Turku and Tampere

Sun ,20/04/2014

Entre Turku et Tampere


Beautiful Finish countryside during summer.

From Bali to Singapore

Sat ,19/04/2014

Voyage retour Bali - Singapour


Boeing 777 flight from Bali to Singapore with Singapore Airlines.

Boat on Gili Trawangan island beach

Fri ,18/04/2014

Ile de Gili Trawangan entre Bali et Lombok


Before a tropical storm brings some freshness to the air!

Parainen island, near Turku

Sat ,12/04/2014

Île de Parainen, archipel de Turku

Small island in Finland.

Pensacola Beach before the storm

Mon ,04/11/2013

Pensacola Beach, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Last seconds before heavy pourrings start!

Gili Trawangan sunset

Thu ,31/10/2013

Coucher de soleil à Gili Trawangan, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Beautiful color for about 10 min before going pitch black !

B777 wing descending into Singapore

Thu ,17/10/2013

Voyage retour Bali – Singapour, première mise en ligne par SebastienToulouse.

Lot of contrasts on the islands prior to landing in Singapore.